Sunday, March 3, 2013

Petticoat Junction

The Twirl...


  Closeup of the awesome print.

Amethyst Ring and Earrings: Gifts from Hubby
Czech glass beads: DIY
Black Leather Belt: Local Leather Shop
Neon Orange Cowhide Belt: Local Shop
Dress: Vintage
Petticoat: DIY
Snake print tights: ?
Purple Suede Wedges: Dillards (Clearance)

By the time I finished twirling, I was getting dizzy. :o)  I did much swishing in this dress today...full circle skirts have that effect.  I added more volume to my petticoat since the last time I wore it Here.  I'm planning on making another so I can layer 'em up when I want even more volume.  A lady at church said back in the day she used to wear up to 5 petticoats!

I double belted again (Last Time).  A friend at church commented that I was wearing a cute belt.  I said Thanks, but it's two belts.  She replied, "Of course it is." :o)

I have another circle skirt in the works...hopefully I'll be wearing it soon!



  1. You're a vintage dream. Seriously. You need to to give me a "look" into your mind while shopping.

    Those shoes are darling. And twirls, twirls and more twirls please :)

    1. Haha Thanks, vintage looks are my favorite. As for a look into my's a funny place with its own Soundtrack. :o)

  2. Gorgeous dress, found your blog today, and really enjoying your style! Now following you via Bloglovin, looking forward to future outfits!

    1. Thank you Erica. :o) I took a peek at some of your blogs, I'm still trying to decide which one(s) to follow. I'll have to do some serious browsing through them before I can decide...they're all inspiring! :o)


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