Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wedding Attire

Vintage Necklace and Vintage Jacket: Thrifted
Pearl Earrings and Jelly Opal Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Gloves: Self Made
Top: TJMaxx
Skirt: Self Made (Self Drafted)

I have had this fabric for YEARS!  Every time I thought to make something out of it, it just didn't want to be made into something less than dramatic.  That gorgeous print just had to shine.  Well, it got its way!  What's more dramatic than a full floor length ballgown-esque skirt?  With POCKETS!!!!

While the skirt was still yardage waiting to be transformed, I came across this top at TJMaxx.  I just knew they would look perfect together for my little brother's wedding.  I took a chance and left it at the store, went home and sewed up the skirt, then went back to the store.  I tried on lots of other tops with it (even bought a lace one too), but this was just "the one". :o)  The lady working the changing room thought it was "too much patterns going on", but I told her I'm not afraid of patterns. :o)

I made the gloves in the wee hours, went to bed somewhere around 2am, woke up and couldn't find them anywhere!  Hubby had just taken out the trash, so he went digging through it, but only found the lace scrapes.  I made another pair, went to put them in the "wedding bag" and found the first pair.  Hubby and I had both looked in that bag more than once!  I really wasn't put out though, the first pair was a smidgen too tight. :o)


PS: If you're wondering, I'm wearing Navy Blue T-Strap heels under there. :o)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Double Belted

Vintage Coat: Gift from a Friend
Vintage Dress and Seashell belt: Thrifted
Black Belt: Local Leather shop
Tights: Prague, Czech Republic
Heels: Dillards (Clearance)

This was the outfit I had picked out to wear for Sacramento's Share In Style: Music.  I was thinking, "In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle..." :o)  But I missed that linkup, boohoo!  Then I went and missed the next one too!

What have I been doing with myself these past weeks?  Having tons of fun of course! :o)  Mainly marrying off my little brother to his sweetheart!  I spent the last two weeks before their wedding sewing up a storm.  Yeah, I could have finished my sewing earlier, but I was busy doing other fun things then. :o)


PS: I so wish I had taken a "Hand Shot", I had the most beautiful polish on my nails!  And it's very rare that I paint my fingernails too!!!