Thursday, July 25, 2013

Skate, Quack, Splash

Earrings: Thrifted
Dress (worn as top): Thrifted
Cut Offs: DIY
Rock Bracelet: Gift from Big Sis
Watch: Gift from Hubby
Skates: Academy

On Boys
Purple shirt: Walmart
Blue Swim Shorts: Academy $2
Mix-Matched Socks (he likes 'em that way): Target (both original pairs)
Orange shirt: Old Navy handed down from Big Brother
Shark Swim Shorts: Thrifted

This day has been in our Summer plans from the beginning and we finally got to do it!  We started out skating (and strolling) around the park trails.  Big Brother tired out when we were almost back to the vehicle, so I let him take off his skates and walk the short distance left.  He was much happier.  Baby LOVED the ducks!  They Quacked for him and he Quacked back, too cute (but I'm VERY biased)!  Big Brother really liked the wildlife too, I had to remind him to get me in the pictures, he wanted to take duck and turtle pictures.  We have some nice ones that didn't get included in the collage.  We finished our fun with a cool down at the splash pad.  We wouldn't even have had all this fun if my Mom hadn't needed her tires changed on her truck!  She had to work and asked me to do the errand for her.  The tire shop is one block away from this wonderful park.  Even though it was already getting a bit hot (100 degrees), I decided if Hubby can work all day in the heat, why couldn't we play in it!  I made sure to bring plenty of water to drink!  We plan to do this again, but go earlier in the day!


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grandma Style

Rose Earrings: Maternal Great Grandmother's
Red Beads: Paternal Great Grandmother's
Sead Necklace: Hubby's Grandmother's
Heart with Pearls Pendant: Gift from Hubby
Flower Ring: Gift from Mom
Cameo Ring: Gift from Mother-in-Law
White and Yellow Gold Bands: Always wear
Dress: TJMaxx
Purple Suede Wedges: Dillards (clearance)

I forgot to reapply my Red lipstick before taking photos. *sigh*  I decided that "this is me" in real life.  So even if photos aren't "perfect", I still post them.  I DID wear lipstick to church though. :o)  Too bad for the blog that photos didn't get snapped until 2 hours after church was over.  We had music practice to stay late for.  Every great once in a while, I will get to take photos BEFORE church, but I don't think it's happened since the baby's been born. :o)


Friday, July 12, 2013

The Golden Rule

 Black multi-strand beads: Have had forever, I think it came from Clare's in the mall for maybe $0.10
Tassel necklace: Vintage
Cha-cha ring: Self Made
Ruby ring and earrings (my hair is always covering them!): Gifts from Hubby
Chevron Top: Plato's Closet
Black Cami: from a friend
Gold Skirt: Thrifted
Brahmin Purse: Gift from Hubby
Heels: Vintage

Matthew 7:12 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This outfit came about from me cleaning out my closet.  Hubby helped sooooo much.  I took EVERYTHING out and tried each thing on.  We started on Thursday night and finished on Sunday night.  By Sunday, all of my clothes were hanging in the living room!  BUT it was so worth it, I felt like I had new clothes after it was all over.  Hubby weighed in on if things should stay or go.  At first, I wasn't sure how honest he would be, but he surprised me by pointing out things I hadn't noticed (fading, puckering, etc.)  He added new bars for hanging clothes in various heights.  Then we put the keepers all back in.  I put them in order by color and sleeve length (which I've done since a teenager). 

This skirt was one of the last things I tried on.  I happened to glance over at the Chevron blouse hanging with ALL my blouses across the living room.  I though, "Hmm, that just might work."  I tried it on (Saturday night) and wore it to church Sunday morning.  I felt long and lean in this outfit. :o)

On an unrelated note...I saw a comment on one of my older posts thanking me for commenting on their blog.  Well, I did comment on a blog or two that I don't regularly follow, so I thought I'd check and see if it was one of those.  After clicking on the user name, I was sent to a trashy looking blog from what little I saw as I quickly closed that page!  Now I'm really hoping I don't get questionable adds popping up from that mishap. Ugh!  Has anyone else run into this?  So, I marked the comment as Spam and called it done (I hope).


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Butterflies, Fish, Zebra, and a Cow

Zebra Sport Bra (showing on purpose): Target
Butterfly Tank Top: Walmart (old)
Fish Skirt: Refashioned from a huge shirt
Orange Cowhide Belt: Local Shop
Flip Flops: Dillards (clearance)
Butterfly Earrings (don't show up in pictures): Houston Butterfly Conservatory

I feel the need to say I was wearing "bike" shorts under my innocent bystanders were flashed as I went round the Merry-go-Round! :o)  Oh that thing was HOT!  Hot, hot, hot!  I tried sitting on it thinking I had three layers of protection (undies, shorts, skirt), but nope, wasn't enough.  I had to stay in that awkward squatting pose.  Big brother has little brother's changing pad wrapped around the handle there so he can stand to hold on!  These pictures were taken as we spun round and round, but it looks like we're standing still.  Maybe if the photographer (my mom that day) rode with us the background would blur?  Hmmm, I wonder if I can talk her into trying that next time. :o)

I also feel the need to say I did not injure my ankle in the second photo!  I don't know why I'm standing all weird like that???  I must've just turned from checking on the baby...yeah, I'll go with that. :o)


PS: When we left the park, we filled that big cup up with WATER!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White, and Leopard

Red earrings: Vintage
Watch and Bracelet: Gifts from Hubby
Tank Top: Refashioned
Shorts: Self Made
Flip Flops: Dillards (clearance)

We had a super relaxing 4th of July.  We went to two fireworks shows (one on the 3rd).  I planned to make the flag shirts with the boys on the 4th so Hubby would be home to assist.  We had the baby's hand perfectly on his shirt, but when we started to lift his hand away he grabbed the shirt.  And now you know why my baby has six fingers on his flag shirt. :o)  Big brother had the perfect boots for the day, I wish I had a pair myself!

I painted the Eagle on my tank top way back in August of last year.  I have worn it a lot, but have almost gotten rid of it during the last few closet cleaning fits organizations.  I finished sewing my shorts an hour before time to leave the house.  After wearing them all day, I decided they're not done.  I need to change the waistband. *sigh*  Other than that, I am very happy with how they turned out.  I used Simplicity 2258 to cut the pattern, but did not follow the sewing directions.  Instead, I studied my favorite pair of shorts and copied their construction.  You can't even see the pockets (I added back pockets, the pattern didn't have them) and top stitching in the picture, oh well. :o)  I love the patriotic toile I got from my Mother-in-Law when she was cleaning out her fabric stash!  Free fabric + pattern sale = New shorts for $1. :o)

Hope your 4th was as great as ours!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I didn't wear on Father's Day

Diamond Stud Earrings: Gift from Hubby
Coin Necklace: Antiques Fair
Coin Necklace: Gift from Son and Hubby
Belt: Western Shop on the way back from a trip
Dress: TJMaxx
Wedges: Dillards (clearance)

These pictures were taking late in the evening after a full day in town. :o)

I had this all picked out to wear on Father's Day, then we didn't go to church!  We were up all night with a sick baby!  It hung ready and waiting until this last Sunday when I finally wore it.

Last time I wore this dress, and the time before that...

I had to wear leggings with it while I was pregnant, my belly lifted the hem too high for bare legs. :o)