Monday, January 30, 2012

Twice as Nice

Butterfly/Heart Necklace: Gift from Hubby
Butterfly Ring (and matching flower earrings that you can't see): Gift from Hubby (was a necklace, we had remade into a ring)
Wide Black leather belt: Commissioned from Local Leather Shop
Green Dress: Handed down from a friend
Black Dress (only the collar shows): Gift from Mom
Black/Silver leather shoes: DSW
Ulta Cherry Picked Lipstick: Ulta (this is the color I went in for when I got everything on sale)

I wanted to wear this Green Dress with a black ruffled collar blouse underneath, but I didn't have one.  After looking through my closet, I realized I had a black dress with a ruffled collar!  Once I tried it on, I thought it looked a little "flat".  I have been wanting a petticoat for a while, so I sewed one up Saturday.  I felt so happy and bouncy all day in my "fluffy" dress.  I should've taken a picture without the petticoat to show the difference, but sorry...I didn't even think of that until this moment.


Monday, January 23, 2012


Feather Clip: DIY
Big Yellow Beads: Burke's Outlet Store (for less than $1)
Wood Bangle: Earth Trading Co. ($1)
Big Silver Ring: Gift from Hubby (made by Hubby)
Tiny Silver ring: Had since childhood
Vintage black and white blouse: Flea Market on side of the road
Vintage Yellow Silk blouse LIANCARLO for Neiman Marcus: Handed down from Grandmother
Black Trousers: Thrifted
Brown Leather Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes: Gift from Hubby
Ulta Lip Crayon in Dynamite: Ulta (on sale plus coupon)

When getting dressed for church this Sunday, I had put on the black blouse and trousers, but felt very lacking in color.  First I tossed on the big yellow beads, which prompted me to add the yellow silk blouse.  Not a lot of it shows, but what does peek out gave me that extra bit of color I needed.  At this point I started feeling like a Bumblebee, so I added some brown (shoes, bracelet, feathers) to even it out.  I was trying out a new hairstyle and I still haven't decided what I think of it.  I think I'll like it better if next time I move my part even closer to my left ear, creating more side swept bangs.

Gotta Buzzzz (sometimes I can't help being corny)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Hot

Vintage Brooch Headband: DIY
Silver Dangle Earrings: Gift from Hubby
Red Snake Skin Belt: Thrifted
Silver Chapel Ring: Prague
Black Beaded Cuff: Mexico - Gift from a friend
Multi-Colored Beaded Bracelet: Gift from a Sweet Little Girl at church Sunday Morning!
Silver BCBG Dress: Dillards (on sale)
Stripe Ralph Lauren Shirt: Thrifted
Red Tights: Marshalls?
Frye Boots: DWS (on sale)
Chili Pepper Lipstick: Ulta (on sale, plus coupon!)

When I bought this dress (a couple years ago), I called Hubby and said, "I am buying a Designer Trash Bag...and I LOVE it!" :o)   He laughed and said, "Whatever makes you happy,."  It really is quite Huge when you spread the fabric out.  Well, I have worn and styled this dress many ways for many occasions.  It can go from casual to formal!  The drape of the fabric is fantastic, it has weight to it, but still flows smoothly.  I think this might be the first time I have belted it!  This little red belt has seen a lot of use lately.  I actually made my headband before church Sunday took no time at all.  Plug in hot glue gun, brew coffee, pour cup of coffee, glue Vintage Brooch to headband, drink coffee, try on headband...Simple!  I had really wanted one more pop of color in my outfit (I kept thinking of purple for some reason), so it made my day when I got to church and a Sweet Little Girl in my Children's Church Class gave me this multi-colored bracelet.  PERFECT! (And it even had a purple bead or two on it!!!)  Last thing, I went in Ulta to pick up a lipstick I saw way before Christmas.  I had my coupon ready to dash in, grab it, and go.  When I got in the store, they had their Ulta brand products on sale Buy2Get2 (and I could still use my coupon!), so it took me a little while longer than I thought to get outta there (Hubby and Son were waiting in the car!).  This Chili Pepper Lipstick is one of the "extra" ones I picked out.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

French? Nope...Texan!

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Multi-strand Necklace: Claire's (on sale years ago)
Red Snake Skin Belt: Thrifted
Cameo Ring: French Quarter, New Orleans
White Tuxedo Front Blouse: Handed down from a friend
Plaid Pants: Handed down from sister
Red Leather Shoes: Anne Klein from Marshalls
Mod Umbrella: Found in friend's shed from previous owners

When I first saw these plaid pants my sister passed on to me, I laughed.  I LOVE plaid but when I tried 'em on (with a t-shirt) I looked like a lil' Punk!  I called her up right away and asked her if she'd ever even worn them?  She laughed and said no, but only 'cause she never found the right blouse to turn them into a "French Look".  I immediately thought of this White Tuxedo Blouse my friend had just passed on to me...I rushed to try it on...and it was PERFECT!  Best of all, not only was this outfit Chic, it was comfy too!  Which is a good thing, as I did not go home after church and stayed in this all day.  I cannot say that for every outfit I've had to wear all day before. :o)

What's Black and White and Chic all over?
JJ! :o)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Beaded Hair Pin: DIY
Gold Hoops: Gift from Hubby
Small Heart Necklace: Gift from Mom
Heart with Pearl Necklace: Gift from Hubby
Long Necklace with Silver Bells: DIY
Fur: Thrifted
Sea Shell Ring: Made by my sister
Sequin Top: Ross
Denim Skirt: Handed down from a friend
Leggings: Walmart
Frye Boots: DSW

This is what I wore to church January 1st.  I was going for sparkle and flash for a rich new year. :o)  I must not have been the only one thinking along those lines as another lady wore a Blue Sequin Top.  I made my hair pin from a beaded piece off a Bride Teddy Bear my Grandmother gave me as a child.  The long necklace was originally plain until I added the Silver Bells from a broken bracelet I bought at an Antique Shop.

Here's to a Grand New Year!

A Bit of Last Year

New Year, New Blog...
Last Fall I started the blog Sunday in the Country with my sister.  It was supposed to be a blog of what we wore to church.  After a month or so, my sister went back to college and couldn't find the time to contribute to the posts.  Since the blog got away from what it was intended, I wanted to make a fresh new start.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from last year.