Tuesday, January 10, 2012

French? Nope...Texan!

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Multi-strand Necklace: Claire's (on sale years ago)
Red Snake Skin Belt: Thrifted
Cameo Ring: French Quarter, New Orleans
White Tuxedo Front Blouse: Handed down from a friend
Plaid Pants: Handed down from sister
Red Leather Shoes: Anne Klein from Marshalls
Mod Umbrella: Found in friend's shed from previous owners

When I first saw these plaid pants my sister passed on to me, I laughed.  I LOVE plaid but when I tried 'em on (with a t-shirt) I looked like a lil' Punk!  I called her up right away and asked her if she'd ever even worn them?  She laughed and said no, but only 'cause she never found the right blouse to turn them into a "French Look".  I immediately thought of this White Tuxedo Blouse my friend had just passed on to me...I rushed to try it on...and it was PERFECT!  Best of all, not only was this outfit Chic, it was comfy too!  Which is a good thing, as I did not go home after church and stayed in this all day.  I cannot say that for every outfit I've had to wear all day before. :o)

What's Black and White and Chic all over?
JJ! :o)

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