Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Brights

Fascinator: DIY
Necklace and Yellow Bracelets: Burk's Outlet
Vintage Cha-Cha Bracelet: Flea Market
Ruby Ring: Gift from Hubby
Vintage Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Local
Hue Tights: Macy's (clearance)
Heels: Marshall's

These tights are such a happy thing to wear!  Need I say more?

Oh yes, I adore my little co-model!

AND my gorgeous one point he was laying on the ground to get the shot he wanted!  Thanks so much Hubby. :o)


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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Earrings, Necklaces, and Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Vintage Rose Pin: Antique Shop
Vintage Coats: Gift from Friend
Dress: Self Made (Butterick 5708)
Petticoat (not visible): Self Made
Belt: Local
Hue Tights: Macy's (clearance)
Navy Blue Suede Shoes: Gift from Mom

Let's start with the ring, shall we?  Oh yes, we shall!  It is an Antique Jelly Opal ring that I absolutely adore. *Sigh*  Isn't it just sooooo pretty?  It is my Valentine's, Mother's Day, Anniversary, and maybe even Birthday present from Hubby. :o)

We are trying to find out more about it, but so far it's slow going.  We know it's European Art Deco, and that just isn't enough to go on.  I would really, really like to narrow down a date on it to within 10 years.  I will keep sleuthing.

Ok, tear your eyes away from the ring now and let's talk about the awesome vintage coats.  A friend from church told me a month ago that she had two vintage coats that she would give to me IF I would wear them.  "Of course I'd wear them!" I almost shouted. :o)  She brought them to me this Sunday and I danced and hopped around the church parking lot with excitement.

The yellow coat is my favorite of the two.  Those buttons are just too huge and wonderful!!!  I kept squealing, "Look at the buttons, look at the buttons!"  I apologize for not taking a close up of a button.  Next time, ok?  Oh, let's not forget that collar.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful collar?  I am so impressed with the way it folds down then back up before meeting the Mink.  What a cool way to set a collar!

Last, but certainly not least is the suede coat.  I think it will look so cool with jeans!  It is a lighter weight, which will make it more wearable for here.  It too has some pretty large buttons! :o)  And I just think that top stitching is so neat.

I hope you guys have been blessed with sweet gifts lately too!


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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Favorite Hat

Hat: Tea Shop
Pearl Earrings and Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Necklace, Sweater, Belt, Skirt, Shoes, Purse: Thrifted

I didn't even realize I was wearing a full on thrifted outfit until just now.  Sweet!  I love thrifting, I can find clothes that I love at a price my wallet loves.  Sometimes you have to look at things a little differently than when you're shopping at say, the Mall, but that's part of the fun for me.  It makes me kinda giddy to rescue things. :o)

My little sweater was marred by set in coffee stains, but that didn't stop me one second.  I know the power of a ton of OxiClean in a sink left to soak!

The oh so soft fur purse had no lining and a dinky beaded strap. Pfft!  I sewed in my own lining (wish I had taken a photo of the inside, it has fishing poles and lures), with pockets the right sizes for my phone and lipstick(s).  I had the houndstooth fabric for a pencil skirt that I never got around to sewing, it made the perfect strap.

My beautiful skirt is about three sizes smaller than I normally wear!  I don't look too closely at sizes when thrifting, many wonderful things wouldn't be in my closet if I did.  In a thrift shop you are seeing sizes of varying decades, styles, and stores.

Do you like to thrift shop too?


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Monday, February 3, 2014

Two Snakes

Blue beads: Israel, Gift from Friend
Brown and Blue beads: DIY
Heart Watch Locket:  Gift from Friend, added 12 gauge charm from festival
Bracelet: TJMaxx, Gift from Hubby
Rosary: Czech Republic, Gift from Grandpa
Dress: TJMaxx
Navy Suede Shoes: Marshall's, Gift from Mom
Vintage Coat: Thrifted

I have wanted a snake print dress ever since I saw Salma Hayek wearing that Alexander McQueen dress on the cover of Lucky magazine June 2010.  Although, I did think McQueen's version had a questionable placement of print right over her lower midsection.  Ahem.  Happily my dress is quite flattering.  See, good things do come to those who wait. :o)

I have had the snake print tights for a long time.  When I first bought them, I wondered just how often I'd wear them.  The answer?  All.the.time. :o)


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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adventures in a Sweater

Vintage Sweater, Beads, and Coat: Thrifted
Camo Pants: Macy's (clearance)

To quote the movie Up, "Adventure is out there!"  Here's what my sweater enjoyed in a day:

After soaking for 24 hours to remove what appeared to be a previously failed attempt to remove coffee stains, this little sweater was ready for action.  Boy did it ever get it!

It started out tame, taking Opie to school, but upon returning home things got a little scary.  Little brother managed to spill CHOCOLATE MILK right down its front!  Mom gasps, and runs for the sink and its life saving water.  A spritz or two of stain remover, followed by a good rinse, and we were back to our creamy Ivory self.

The rest of the morning was spent hanging around the bathroom waiting to dry.

Still a little damp, the little sweater is donned once again to make the trek to pick Opie back up from school.  On the way home a detour is made to "see what we could see".

First, what we didn't see.  We did not see the White deer that sometimes come up to the game fence down a country rode.  We tried to not be disappointed, and promised to visit again for another chance at seeing the pretty little creatures.

Now for what we did see.  We came upon a temporary pipe line carrying water from point A to point B.  We decided to see just where point B was.  It traveled to an oil rig some 4 miles away!  The boys loved watching it crisscross through the country side like a looooong maze.

In the middle of our "Pipe Trail", we came upon a little bridge.  The car was parked, the camera came out, and much running and picture taking commenced.

We continued on to find where the pipe would end, counting 4 relay pumps along the way.  Baby Rocket thought the pumps were "Choo-choos".  Happily, we did see a real train right beside the location of the oil rig.

The swing set was calling to us upon arriving home.  By the time we came in we had all gotten a little chilly, so hot cocoa was a must.  This time we avoided any spills!

The day only had a few hours left, but a quilt needed to be finished.  Rocket even climbed on Mom's lap to help out for a bit.

Bedtime arrived.  The sweater was exchanged for pjs and is resting up, ready for another day of adventure.

So what adventures have you enjoyed in a day?


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