Saturday, October 24, 2015

Twril Twril Twriling

Ring: Gift from Hubby
Earrings, Purse, and Belt: Thrifted
Leather cuff: Tx Ren Fest
Dress: Macy's (clearance)
Boots: Grandmother's

I spied this dress at Macy's back in the Summer.  I was VERY tempted to pay full price for it that day due to the ah-mazing full, full skirt, but I resisted.  Fast forward to this Fall and I happened to remember it and went to see if it had made it to the clearance rack.  It had!  For 70% off, Woohoo!!!  No matter that it was meant to be a Summer dress, the colors are perfect and cotton works great for our not always cool Texas Fall weather.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yellow Tutu for Fall

Gold Hoops, Watch, Necklace, and Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Wide Leather Belt: Local Comission
Equestrian Top: Thrifted
Yellow Tutu Skirt: Self Made
Vintage pumps: Gift from Sister

Well, I'm back to having Red bangs again.  I feel like I've gone to my "natural" hair color. :o) The night I put in the Red I dreamed I colored my bangs Purple.  So I guess that's next!


Monday, September 28, 2015

I Wear My Grandma's Clothes

Sunglasses: Grandmother's
Blouse: Grandmother's
Denim Skirt: Banana Republic (clearance, old)
Earrings and Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Watch: TJMaxx
Zebra Wedges: Dillard's (clearance)

On Labor Day Grandpa invited the daughters and granddaughters to come up and go through Grandma's clothes.  It has been three years since her passing.  It was still hard, but we were all happy to get to take a little bit of her home.  My Grandmother is my style icon forever and always!  She did some modeling when she was young and always dressed and walked like she had just stepped off of a photo shoot.  I am picturing her right now with a golden yellow silk scarf wrapped around her dark curled hair and draping off her shoulders, it was Easter Sunday.  That is my Grandma Janell.  Her closet was always my favorite room in her house.  I would sit on the floor and look at all the designer clothes and just dream.  When I arrived on Labor Day, I hurried up to her closet to sit and dream one last time before anyone else came upstairs.


PS: If you're curious about my dazzling was my birthday present from Hubby!!!  I'm still flabbergasted!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

End of Summer

Vintage Silk Scarf: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Orange Top: JCPenny's (clearance)
Skirt: Refashioned from a thrifted vintage dress
Loafers: Thrifted

I totally forgot to post this outfit several Sundays back!  It's that time of year when I want to wear Fall colors and layers, but they feel all wrong when I step outside in the heat.  So, Orange and Brown and a light skirt help get me through this last bit while Summer hangs on.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Vintage Hawaiian Muumuu

Vintage Scarf: Thrifted
Gold Hoop Earrings: Gift from Hubby
Coin Bracelet: Gift from Oldest Son
Pineapple Necklace and Yellow stretch Bracelets: Burke's Outlet
Navy Corded Bracelet and Watch: TJMaxx
Vintage Muumuu: Thrifted (and shortened)
Sandals: DSW (clearance)

It's that time again...the end of Summer.  That's when I feel like this dress is most appropriate.  It is for sure a Summer dress, but is full of the Fall colors I'm always craving by now.  Perfect for hanging out on my in progress patio with a cold drink.  Who am I kidding?  It's still too hot here to be out on any patio in the middle of the day!  Right now I just stand at my back door and look out longing for cooler temps so I can relax out there with a book or magazine.  I have plans for a fire pit that I know will be wonderful when Fall arrives!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yellow Plaid and Floral

Sunglasses: Burke's Outlet
Yellow Bracelets: Burke's Outlet
Ceramic Watch: TJMaxx
Seahorse Earrings: Antique Shop
Vintage Silk Scarf: Estate Sale
Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace: Thrifted
Braided Belt: Thrifted
Yellow Plaid Blouse: Thrifted
Full Maxi Skirt: Self Made
Sandals: DSW (clearance)

This outfit was so comfortable and so pretty, it just makes me happy! :o)


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Zebra Print and Printed Zebras

Vintage Zebra Top: Thrifted
Lime Leather Belt: TJMaxx (Men's section)
Trousers: TJMaxx  (clearance)
Zebra Print Wedges: Dillard's (clearance)
Guatemalan Purse: Local

After lunch last Sunday, I took the boys for a stroll down the jogging trails behind the restaurant while we waited for everyone else to finish eating.  The little guy was getting more than a little antsy and needed to burn off some energy.  We managed to snap a couple of cellphone pics along the way.

This Zebra top was found on a day of thrifting with my niece in Tennessee.  She was across the store and held it up for me to see.  I probably scared everybody when I screamed and ran towards her with my arms stretched out saying, "Is it mine? Tell me it's mine! IT'S MINE!!"  So here's the deal, we both like the same clothes and thrifting together can be a bit of a race, but we try to be nice and find things for each other too.  She was being nice. :o)


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Gypsy Dress

Earrings: Thrifted
Diane Fries Dress: Thrifted
Black Leather Belt: Local
Zebra Wedges: Dillards (clearance)

The last time I wore this dress was HERE back in January.  This time around I let the dress pretty much stand on its own with minimal accessorizing.  It was kinda hard for me.  I felt like I should be wearing bangles and rings, but the July heat said, "Don't overdo it!"  So I slipped on chandelier earrings, buckled my belt, stepped into my wedges and went to church. :o)  And you know what?  I felt so light and comfortable!


Monday, July 13, 2015

What I Wore Way Back on Father's Day

Pearl Earrings and Necklace: Gifts from Hubby
Pearl Bracelet: Gift from Friend
Flower Ring: Gift from Brother
Little Butterfly Diamond Ring: Senior Ring from Parents
Tie: Stole from Dad when I was in High School
Guess Belt: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Flats: DSW (clearance)

I know Father's Day was ages ago, but I've been There and Back since then.  So now I'm finally getting a chance to post an outfit.  Hurray!!!  Hopefully there won't be such a gap between the next post!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Grab Yer Part-ner!

Earrings:Gift from a Friend
Red Beads: Grandmother's
Rhinestone necklace: Burke's Outlet
Flag Pin: Gift from a Friend
Cameo Ring: French Quarter, New Orleans
Tee: Macy's
Belt: Local
Skirt: Thrifted
Zebra Wedges: Dillard's (Clearance)

So I seem to be wearing my Zebra wedges every Sunday here lately!  That happens a lot during the Summer months.  They are just so easy and make every outfit fun. :o)

A little sweetheart came up to me before church started and took this flag pin off of her blouse and gave it to me.  She said it looked so nice with my outfit that she wanted me to have it.  What a dear!

I usually wear this skirt for casual everyday outfits.  I like to throw a graphic tee and sandals with it and flounce around doing my errands. :o)  So here's the fun's an honest to goodness Square Dancing skirt!  I thrifted it along with its coordinating peasant blouse.  A lady had donated a dozen or so of her Square Dancing costumes and I pounced on this skirt and a brightly colored one that I call my "Fiesta Skirt" (you can catch a glimpse of it HERE in my Instagram roundup of for Me Made May).  Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to nab one of the two petticoats with them.  Even though I have sewn my own petticoats, it would have been nice to add to my collection for only a few bucks.  Oh well, I'm happy enough with the skirts. :o)


Saturday, June 13, 2015

What I Wore in May: Part 4

Well y'all get to see how I dress up on a daily basis.  I present to you my Me Made May 2015 Instagram roundup.  Not every day is exciting...I figured out I reach for my cutoffs a LOT. :o)  I really thought I had more fun skirts sewn up.  Turns out they are all waiting in the "to sew" stash!  I also have a bunch of tees waiting in my refashion pile that really, really need to be worn.  Alright JJ, get off of the computer and on to your sewing!

Hope you liked this little change of programming. :o)