Sunday, March 20, 2016

Full Outfit of Grandma's Clothes

 The hat, blouse,belt, and skirt all came from my Grandmother. (I had the butterfly scarf hanging on that branch wrapped around me part of the time due to the Spring Chill.)  On the way to church I told Hubby that I remember going to Mass with Grandma and her wearing this very blouse. *sigh* I love wearing her clothes.  And I miss her so.  Her skirt is a dream to wear.  It is wonderfully fitted through the waist and hips, then those deep pleats all around make it swish beautifully with every step!  And the hat!  Oh gosh, it might be my new favorite!  I have always looooooved big hats.  They do make it interesting getting in and out of cars, and hugging people requires a tilt of the head.  There is a widowed gentleman that I kiss on the cheek every Sunday, this morning I told him that I couldn't since our hats would clash.  He quickly whipped off his cowboy hat! :o)


A thank you kiss for my photographer/hubby!