Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adventures in a Sweater

Vintage Sweater, Beads, and Coat: Thrifted
Camo Pants: Macy's (clearance)

To quote the movie Up, "Adventure is out there!"  Here's what my sweater enjoyed in a day:

After soaking for 24 hours to remove what appeared to be a previously failed attempt to remove coffee stains, this little sweater was ready for action.  Boy did it ever get it!

It started out tame, taking Opie to school, but upon returning home things got a little scary.  Little brother managed to spill CHOCOLATE MILK right down its front!  Mom gasps, and runs for the sink and its life saving water.  A spritz or two of stain remover, followed by a good rinse, and we were back to our creamy Ivory self.

The rest of the morning was spent hanging around the bathroom waiting to dry.

Still a little damp, the little sweater is donned once again to make the trek to pick Opie back up from school.  On the way home a detour is made to "see what we could see".

First, what we didn't see.  We did not see the White deer that sometimes come up to the game fence down a country rode.  We tried to not be disappointed, and promised to visit again for another chance at seeing the pretty little creatures.

Now for what we did see.  We came upon a temporary pipe line carrying water from point A to point B.  We decided to see just where point B was.  It traveled to an oil rig some 4 miles away!  The boys loved watching it crisscross through the country side like a looooong maze.

In the middle of our "Pipe Trail", we came upon a little bridge.  The car was parked, the camera came out, and much running and picture taking commenced.

We continued on to find where the pipe would end, counting 4 relay pumps along the way.  Baby Rocket thought the pumps were "Choo-choos".  Happily, we did see a real train right beside the location of the oil rig.

The swing set was calling to us upon arriving home.  By the time we came in we had all gotten a little chilly, so hot cocoa was a must.  This time we avoided any spills!

The day only had a few hours left, but a quilt needed to be finished.  Rocket even climbed on Mom's lap to help out for a bit.

Bedtime arrived.  The sweater was exchanged for pjs and is resting up, ready for another day of adventure.

So what adventures have you enjoyed in a day?


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  1. Love the adventures! I like to do these types of things after picking up by son from preschool (as long as its not freezing out...which it is here) and just see what we can see! We'll sit and people watch or window shop or just walk around looking at signs and animal tracks and tree bark and whatever else catches our attention ;) Oh, and I love the sweater! Super cute...I may have to start chronicling our adventures this way :)

  2. love the feminine jersey teamed with the tough looking camo pants - great look!!

    1. Thanks, opposites do tend to attract. :o)

  3. How did you knw I did that with the dress?, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are all adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I love that third pic of you JJ!!!! You are so pretty! I had enough Adventure for my linking on Sunday, but I certainly did not enjoy it :-(
    hugs sweetie

    1. Yes you did, I've had those kinds of adventures too...yuck!

  5. Look at you rockin' the camo pants my friend! What a fun day for your're so sweet to take your sweater on an adventure!

    1. My camo pants always make me think of you when I wear them. :o)


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