Monday, January 30, 2012

Twice as Nice

Butterfly/Heart Necklace: Gift from Hubby
Butterfly Ring (and matching flower earrings that you can't see): Gift from Hubby (was a necklace, we had remade into a ring)
Wide Black leather belt: Commissioned from Local Leather Shop
Green Dress: Handed down from a friend
Black Dress (only the collar shows): Gift from Mom
Black/Silver leather shoes: DSW
Ulta Cherry Picked Lipstick: Ulta (this is the color I went in for when I got everything on sale)

I wanted to wear this Green Dress with a black ruffled collar blouse underneath, but I didn't have one.  After looking through my closet, I realized I had a black dress with a ruffled collar!  Once I tried it on, I thought it looked a little "flat".  I have been wanting a petticoat for a while, so I sewed one up Saturday.  I felt so happy and bouncy all day in my "fluffy" dress.  I should've taken a picture without the petticoat to show the difference, but sorry...I didn't even think of that until this moment.


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