Thursday, February 2, 2012

There's a first time for everything.

Vintage Green Bead Necklace: Flea Market on side of the road
Tassel Necklace: DIY
Multi-color Czech Glass Bead bracelets: DIY
Vintage blouse: Borrowed from Sister (5 years ago), she originally thrifted it
Cut off Shorts: Refashioned
Tights: Target
Blue Leather Flats: DSW
Sunny Citrus Lipstick: MaryKay

I cannot recall ever wearing shorts to church before, even on a Wednesday night.  As a teen, Dad didn't allow it and it just stuck with me.  But,we have been having unseasonably warm weather...and I've been wanting to try wearing shorts with I did it!  Plus anytime I buy/make something new, I want to wear it right away.  I worked on these shorts Wednesday afternoon, so I was excited to wear them right then.  They were an extra pair of jeans (of course) handed down from a friend.  I attacked 'em with scissors, a seam ripper, and tweezers.  I also added some studs to the back pockets.  When I was getting dressed I felt something was lacking so I went all Scarlet O'Hara and grabbed a drapery tassel and quickly made a necklace.

My son dressed himself and wanted to take a picture too.  This blog is about style, so why should he be excluded?  His shirt has an Archer on front and a large Target on the back shoulder with arrows sticking out.  I bought the shirt and painted on the details (it was his idea what to paint).  His belt was his Dad's old belt that he wanted so we cut it down and punched new holes.  Brown cords came from Oshkosh on sale for  $7!  Boots were handed down from a friend.  Oh, don't you just love his pose for the camera?


Edit: Everybody Everywear featured Pastels for April, since I was wearing Bright colors today, I linked back to this post from earlier in the year.  It's not often that I wear pastels, I'm more of a bold colors kinda gal, hence the darker tights/shorts/shoes to give the pastel top a boost. :o)

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

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