Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love in the Stitches

Blue Beads: Gift a Friend brought back from Israel
Tassel Necklace: Vintage
Bangles: Picked up cheap at local mall
Lace blouse: Ross
Argyle Sweater Vest: Handmade by Friend
Cropped Trousers: Windsor @ Katy Mills Outlet Mall
Heart Tights: Target
Franco Sarto White/Nude Heels: DSW

My sweater vest was gifted to me by a friend at church after she saw me wear the Brown and Black Argyle sweater in December.  She had made it for her Husband, but it didn't fit quite right so he never wore it!  She told me there was Love in every Stitch, so not only was I getting the sweater, I was getting the Love too! :o)

The big bangle says, "New Shoes Cure the Blues."  I wasn't wearing new shoes, but I was wearing "Blue". Haha.  I always feel like I should be wearing new shoes if I'm going to wear that bangle...consequently, it doesn't get worn as often as I'd like!


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