Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glitter Love

Heart Animal Print Headband: DIY
Gold Hoops: Gift from Hubby
Multi Colored Beads: Burk's Outlet Store
Red Snakeskin Belt: Thrifted
Wrap-around animal print bracelet: DIY
Vintage(ish) blouse with red hearts: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted
Lace trouser socks: TJMaxx
Pink Glitter Flats: Target (I added the glitter)
Red Bramin Purse: Gift from Hubby:

A couple of weeks ago we were at a little 5yr old's birthday party, and one of her presents was pink glitter shoes.  I said right then, "I want Pink Glitter shoes for Valentines!"  My friends laughed a little, but I said, "No, I'm serious, I'm gonna find some shoes and glitter them PINK!"  I'm not even a very pink lovin' girl, but the thought of wearing something like that on my feet just made my day.  Fast forward to yesterday (cut it kinda close didn't I?), I came across the last pair of pink flats at Target IN MY SIZE (it was a sign from God, I'm pretty sure, hehe).  I decided to only glitter the front toe section of the shoe instead of the whole thing...seemed a bit more "grown up"...um, sure we'll go with that.  On to the blouse...I think this blouse belonged to a pregnant chef in the 80's!  The buttons spell out B-A-B-Y down the yoke.  There are little hearts all over it.  What could be more appropriate?  I did have to take it in a little bit, it was waaaaaay too loose and blouse-y in it's original design.  Styles have gotten away from the "wearing a tent" look pregnant gals used to sport.  I also liked it belted, but didn't wear the belt all day.  To be honest, I didn't wear my Heart Headband all day either, I need to re-do it on a looser headband.  The one I used the first time is a bit tight for my big head!  I kept taking it off in the car, then putting it back on before anyone would see me. :o)


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