Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wee Folk

My Little Leprechauns...I kissed the bigger one.  It's GOTTA be good luck to kiss a Leprechaun, Right?

Green Czech Glass Beads: DIY
Emerald and Diamond Necklace: Gift from Hubby
Blouse: Vintage
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Refashioned
Green Flats: Colorado

  My goal was to wear as much Green as possible today.  It's so much fun to dress for St. Patrick's Day, and even more so when it lands on a Sunday.  I always think of this dress as a "Fairy Dress", so it was a natural choice for today.  After that, I just started pulling out anything Green to go with it and loved the result.  I received a special compliment from someone I really look up to at church today, I call this outfit a success!

  Hubby wore Green too, but sadly we didn't get a family picture this week.  The bigger Leprechaun tried to get away with wearing a White shirt, 'cause his underwear had Green on 'em.  I told him that just wouldn't work...if others can't see the Green, then they CAN pinch you.  He changed his mind in a hurry. :o)



  1. Oh my! I didn't know the rule that if others couldn't see the green you could get pinched. All Eli had on green that day WAS his underwear! LOL

    1. I don't know if everybody follows that rule, but I've heard it before. :o)


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