Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Petticoat Junction Episode 2

Mad about Plaid!

Necklace and Earrings: Belk Outlet
Yellow Glass Ring: Earth Trading Co.
Belt: Hubby's Grandfather
Dress: Old
Plaid Pearl Snap: Thrifted
Pumps: Vintage
Petticoat: DIY

I flat out stole this outfit from What I Wore 2Day.  I decided not to wear my boots though, seemed more Dressed Up with pumps.  I wish I could've left another top snap open like she did, but my dress is a wrap style so it wasn't working.

I love it that a lot of Sundays we look ready for a family photo.  Hubby will look to see what I've put on before he picks out his clothes 'cause he knows it makes me happy.  1st Son picks his own clothes and sometimes has his mind made up on something totally different, but today he was looking for long sleeves so I got lucky.  I had Baby's shirt hanging with my dress the night before. :o)



  1. I love that necklace! Gorgeous family photo :)

  2. I love the mix of plaids on the whole family! And David is such a good sport! I think it's wonderful because you will always have plenty of wonderful family photos to view and think back on in the future!

    1. Yeah, He's a keeper for sure! :o) These are the kinds of photos I really like...real everyday us, not posed and perfect.

  3. Yall are so cute!


    1. Thanks Loree, glad you're enjoying looking back through these posts. :o)


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