Monday, September 2, 2013

In The Navy

Hoops, Bracelets, and Rings: Gifts from Hubby
Dress, Belt, and Heels: Gifts from Mom

Wow, I just realized I am wearing an all "Gifted" outfit!

I have been searching for Navy heels FOR.EV.ER!  Mom asked if I'd like to go Birthday shopping, I of course said, "Yes!" :o)  I tried an a couple of cute shoes.  I cried a bit over a really cute pair a half size too small.  Then I found them.  The perfect Navy pumps.  The heel is not too high, the T strap is darling, they are suede, and they have PEEP TOES!

Ok, so we couldn't just walk out of the store after only browsing through the shoes!  I found bunches of stuff to try on.  So much so that my future Sister-in-Law had to take in half of the clothes for me in the dressing room.  She didn't even have ONE THING to try on.  She handed me the stack of clothes after we got our garment numbers and sat patiently in the empty stall beside me. (I hesitated to type "stall", it made it sound like a public restroom, but that's what they are.  Right?)

When I showed Mom this dress, she said, "Sold!"  When I told her that I really needed the shoes more than the dress, she matter of factly informed me she was buying BOTH! :o)

This morning my 7 year old gifted me a Lego watch.  I may or may not wear it! :o)

Hurray for Birthday Gifts!


PS:  Yes, the cute little photo bomber is holding a toothbrush.  It's not even his, he swiped his brother's before coming out!

PS(again):  His outfit was a gift from my Mom too!!!!  I am so Blessed. :o)

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  1. Hi JJ and happy birthday to you. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the golden studs. They add a very classy style to the dress. Love the small golden belt. Your shoes are awesome. Love the straps. And I love your bangles. Looks like there is blue in it too? Your son is adorable. Look at his cute little toes. So cute.
    Have a lovely birthday.

    1. Yes on the blue...they are navy blue leather cords with the gold tubes strung on each, then meeting at a gold buckle in the back. The dress is Calvin Klein and the belt came with it. :o)

      Ok, so I had to go look at my son's toes...thanks for those cute things out. :o)

  2. Thank you so much for following back.
    Happy birthday and lots of kisses to the little man next to you, ahhhhhhhhhh.

    1. My pleasure! :o)

      Thank you and I'll go kiss him now.

  3. oh this outfit is sweet from head to tippee toe! and gifted makes it even sweeter lol! and how cute is your lil guy?!! lovely!! thanks so much for linking up to passion for fashion, hope you'll join us again on friday xx

    1. Goodness what a sweet compliment(s) Rachel! I might be a little late again on the link up, but I will be there. :o)

  4. I need navy heels...yours are fabulous! And I gotta say, love the front door color!
    Debbie :)

    1. Thanks Debbie. Hopefully it won't take you as long to find some as it did me!


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