Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kolache Festival

Straw Fedora: Ross
Heart Watch Necklace: Gift from Friend
Bullet Charm (added to heart): Kolache Festival
Plaid Button Front Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Marshall's
Croc's Sandals: Croc's Outlet
Zebra Bag: Rice came in it

We braved the heat and went out to the Kolache Festival, WooHoo!!!  Yes, I am Czech. :o)  Did I buy/eat any Kolache?  Well no actually, I just had some the day before...and I also baked some the week before with my sister.  So yeah, no need to stand in line for a Kolach that may or may not be as good as my Great Grandmother's.

We were there with my Mom, and my Brother and Future S-I-L met us there.

The music was fun, the vendors had great wares, and we saw some beautiful costumes.  Get a load of the Polka King's embroidered pants there.  He has roses on his fly! :o)
The kids were good (what else could I ask for???).

I took a ton of pictures at the car show, but with my phone (camera card was full)...sorry.  Really those pics were for Hubby anyway since he had to stay home.

Hope you got out and did something fun this weekend (it's not too late...go, go, go). :o)

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  1. Me and Seth enjoyed this post! He said "I like Opie's cow!"

    1. Thanks Seth, we really like her too. Her name is Bella. :o)

  2. Looks like you've had a fantastic day JJ. Cool pics. Love your outfit. the plaid mixed with the striped skirt. Cool! What an awesome necklace/watch. And the straw fedora is darling. You look devine. That hat suits you. What is Kolache if I may ask?


    1. I wondered if some would need to know what Kolache were. :o) They are a Czech pastry...think of something like a roll with the center dished down with filling in that "hole". I have some pictures of the last batch we baked...I'll try to do a post on 'em.

  3. Que bonitas fotos te traes. Que gusto tenerte en nuestro reto. Un gran abrazo desde

  4. Such a pleasure to see you and your fun family. Thank you for being part of Share-in-Style, my friend.


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