Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wearing My Hat Backwards

Hat, Tassel Necklace, Skirt, Belt, and Heels: Thrifted
Earrings and Butterfly Ring: Gifts from Hubby
Blouse, Watch, and Bracelet (gift from Mother-in-Law): TJMaxx
Crochet Jacket: Self Made

I haven't worn my crochet jacket in a while.  I made it to wear for Easter 2011 using crochet items (mostly doilies) made by our Grandmothers.  The Green flower is the only piece crocheted by me.  The two White flowers are made from my Grandfather's Christening Cap.

I thought this was a nice neutral outfit to pair with my new vintage hat.  I call it my Lady Pimp Hat. :o)  I just couldn't pass up that bright Green!  I am wearing it backwards, it looks better on me that way.  I always spin hats around when I try them on to see which way I like them best.

My little two year old wanted in on the photo shoot. :o)  When I asked him for a kiss, he put his arm up to kiss through...little stinker!  Then he wanted a photo of him by himself.  Maybe I should try some of his poses??? :o)

I guess it's only natural he wants to get in on the photos, he sees us taking photos all the time. :o)



  1. My kids do the same thing! The oldest is such a natural in front of the camera, she sure as heck did not get that from me. :)

    1. Both of my boys ham it up when a camera comes out. :o) They get it from me...I saw a video of myself at camp when I was a teen, where I tried to ignore the camera (I was NOT comfortable being taped) and therefore didn't smile. I looked awful!!! From that point on I determined to always smile for the camera. Even if my makeup has all ran off and my hair is a mess, I still look better with a smile. :o)

  2. Nice photos

    New post in

  3. JJ you made that gorgeous jacket?! I am impressed, it's looks GORGEOUS! That hat is screaming my name girl! This outfit is my all-time-favorite JJ, it's perfect from head to toe, the leo top, swooning here.

    1. Funny that hat screamed MY name when I bought it...Maybe it's just a loud hat. :o) Thanks for ALL the lovely compliments!!!

  4. ahh, the crochet jacket is superb. My first thought, of course, was tablecloth recycle. But doilies from grandmothers are even better. Well done, it just looks gorgeous the way you've put it all together. Your co-model isn't bad either.

    1. It would fit in nicely with your tablecloth series! Now that you've seen mine, maybe you'll make one too???


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