Friday, October 31, 2014

Where's Waldo?

I haven't been on Pinterest in a while so I didn't realize "Where's Waldo" was going to be so popular this year!  I had the idea to do it last year, so imagine my surprise when I went to buy Red and White striped t-shirts for the guys and Could.Not.Find.Them!!!  I went to two different Targets to get the boys shirts and snagged the last one on the shelf at each.  Both shirts were Big Brother's size, so I had to size down one for the Little Guy.  I finally had to give up on finding one for Hubby and painted Red stripes on a Grey stripe shirt.  Grr, this was supposed to be a low key year for costumes!

The hats ended up being more involved than I had planned too!  I went to the Dollar store to pick up White stocking caps (for a dollar, duh) and they said, "Sorry, we don't have them yet, but we're getting them soon."  *Sigh* Not soon enough for my plans though.  I ended up getting 2 Red tees and 2 White tees to sew the caps out of.  Hubby had a White cap so I got off easy just "decorating" his. :o)

Thank goodness I already had my striped tee and cardigan!


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  1. That last picture made me giggle. :) Cute costumes!

    1. Me too! Every time I look at my husband "hiding" behind that little tree I crack up!

  2. This is just too the first shot! And ya, who would think Waldo would be a huge thing....

    1. I guess the simplicity of it appeals to many. :o)


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