Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Long Story

Pearl Ring: Gift from Hubby
Pine Cone Necklace: Auction
Acorn Necklace: Swiped from Mom
Silk Blouse: Thrifted
Shorts: Khols (clearance)
Orange Leather Flats: Gift from Hubby

This was just my casual outfit for the day.  I ran some errands.  Did house work.  Played soccer in the [light] rain.  Bottle fed our orphan kittens.  Usual kind of every day stuff.

Ok so the promised story of my birthday ring...

Picture this, Hubby took the day off for my birthday so we could do whatever we wanted.  After picking up our 7 year old Opie from school we headed to town.  This would be after 3pm.  He hadn't given me a birthday present yet, usually he is trying to give me my present(s) the night before.  I'm thinking he's taking me shopping to pick something out.  I'm cool with that.

I realize I have a headache from skipping lunch (we had a big breakfast).  We eat an early supper and I feel a bit better, but the headache is still there.

We get to the mall.  I have to run back to the car for a forgotten coupon.  I get back in Macy's and Hubby and the boys are no where to be found!  I call.  He says they are cruising the mall so I can try things on in peace and they will come back when I have things to show him.  How thoughtful I think.  Not.One.Thing.Worked.

I call him feeling pretty grouchy and ask where they are.  They're looking at the puppies.  I hurry to meet them there saying how cute puppies will cheer me right up.

As we're leaving the mall (back through Macy's), I spy a dress that I had just pointed out in Lucky magazine on our drive over!  Hubby says, "Try it on."  I'm getting really excited.  As I'm looking for the size, my eyes land on the price!  I look at Hubby and say, "Um, that's too much isn't it?"  He doesn't say anything.  I sigh and put it back.

As we reach the car I remember the coupon!  I ask Hubby to do some quick math for me (I'm too muddled at that point for 2+2!).  He gives me the sum.  I say, "Well that's probably still too much."  He doesn't say a thing.

I get in the car.

Hubby asks, "Where to next?"  I know he's thinking I'll want to go to TJMaxx, but I'm kinda mad now.  I mean gosh, it IS my birthday, a little splurging wouldn't hurt.  He usually splurges a LOT!

I tell him to head to the grocery store.  Yes, I had my grocery list with me and it was actually in the plans to grocery shop AFTER the fun shopping.

I stomp my way through the grocery store marking stuff off my list.  I missed something a million aisles back.  Grrr!  I send Hubby (with the basket and 7 year old) to get it while I take the now clingy and fussy baby with me to get the last few items.

I end up at the front of the store with my arms full of cheese, yogurt, pasta, this and that, and the restless baby.  Hubby is MIA!  I answer.  I wait.  I look back and forth and back and forth and get it.  I stack my items on top of a display to get a better grip on the baby that has now turned into a floppy fish.

I call answer.

I call again and he answers.  He had ran into his mom and ended up talking to his Out-of-State Sister on his mom's phone.  I grudgingly forgive my unanswered calls.

Hubby's Mom has a gift for me in her car.  Yay!  I get a bracelet and shirt that I wanted.

We load up in our car and Hubby again asks, "Where to?"  I say, "Home."  I'm thinking if he's gotta ask and we have cold stuff to put up, then I'd rather just get home.

I perk up a little on the way home.  Maybe he has a surprise for me waiting there???

We get home.  Hubby puts up the groceries (sweet of him) while I try on my new top.

New top doesn't fit.  Grrr.  At least the bracelet "fits".

It's past bedtime.  11:30pm.  No present.

I am in secret tears (really, in secret, in the bathroom).  I wash my face, take a deep breath, and step out to go to bed.  The kitchen light is on.

I start to turn off the kitchen lights and see one bag of groceries on the floor.  Now why in the world did he put up everything but that one little bag?  I'm irritated and start to turn the lights off and just put the stupid stuff up in the morning!

But no, I won't feel like doing it in the morning.  Might as well get it over with.  I pick up the bag and feel what seems to me a box of jello.  Jello?  I didn't buy jello.

I pull out the jewelry box, immediately drop it, flop down on my butt on the kitchen floor and burst into tears!

Yeah, I went all kinds of girly!

Hubby comes in, gets down on the floor with me, and scoops me up.  He asks if I like it?  I have to tell him I haven't even seen it yet 'cause I was crying too hard.  I open it and find the pearl ring of my dreams!

I cry some more. :o)

Hubby said he was sweating it out waiting for me to find that dang box.  I asked what he would've done if I hadn't found it?  He had already decided he would bring it to me in bed if he had to.

I did tell him that if only I had found the present 10 minutes earlier I wouldn't have cried in the bathroom, then flat out lost it when I DID find it. :o)

I think that's the best He's ever surprised me.

Oh and he totally knew how grouchy and irritated I was at the stores and just couldn't wait for the grand reveal.

And now you know the rest of the story.

PS:  He said he threatened our 7 year old with no video games, movies, and computer for a month if he even mentioned a hint of getting me a present!  He had bought it while I was in Macy's and had only just gotten to the puppy store when I met them!  I was so proud of Opie, he is just like his dad and usually can't wait to give someone their present (and wants to give hints). :o)

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  1. Awwww ((((((JJ))))) I nearly cried with you. What a sweet story. Your hubs is one in a million I can tell. Gee!! thx for sharing such a lovely and personal story. The ring is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful. What a surprise it must have been.
    you and your family have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thanks Lenya! I'm always telling him he's Mr. Incredible. :o)


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