Friday, October 18, 2013

Light Fall Layers

Vintage Umbrella: Antique Shop
Ceramic Watch: TJMaxx
Silver Ring: ???
Suede Purse: Thrifted
Lace Shawl/Pancho: Gift from a Friend
White Dress: TJMaxx or Ross???
Heart Tights: Target
Purple Suede Wedges: Dillards (clearance)

These layers were perfect for our only slightly Fall weather.

Hubby and I went on a Date Saturday night.  Woohoo!  I had cash burning a hole in my pocket, so of course he took me to TJMaxx.  I needed a wallet (I found an orange one) which just happened to be by the jewelry counter.  I have wanted a white ceramic watch for a while now.  I have been watching a particular one for it to go on sale (hehe, "Watching a Watch", I crack myself up).  So far it's still not on sale.  I started looking at other options a couple months ago and this was my lucky day!  This one was a 6th of the price of the one I had my eye on!

My sister, aka my hairdresser, saw me Saturday afternoon and declared me to be in need of her skills.  Pretty hair colors have been purchased and a new look awaits!  Until she gets me fixed up, we're calling my current look "Ombre".  Funny thing is a lady stopped me at church to tell me how much she liked my hair.  Anyone else ever get a hair compliment just when you're thinking it doesn't look its best?  It's happened to me quite a lot.


PS: The kittens seemed to like my Purple shoes! :o)

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  1. and so does I. I mean liking your purple shoes ;-) Looove that new watch, wouldn't say No to her either.Can't see your orange bag clearly, are you hiding her from me??? That shawl is pretty cool.
    You are one lucky gal. And I like your hair too. Old ladies are often right.

    1. I made sure to bring my orange purse around so Hubby could get a good picture of it for you'll be in my next post. Just for you of course. :o)

  2. You are LOVELY beyond words.

  3. I adore your outfit, you look great. Your umbrella was a brilliant find :-)

    1. Thanks Rachel. My sister called after seeing this post to ask just where I found it. Guess I should've picked one up for her too! :o)

  4. New fun...aren't you excited? Love the could do a lot with it. Hey~I looked for maroon tights at walmart yesterday, but struck out. Guess I'll actually have to go to the mall...

    1. I wore the poncho with cutoffs a lot in the summer. Try Target for the maroon tights.


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