Monday, May 19, 2014

Porky the Prize Pig

Spike Necklace,  Bracelets, Seashell Ring, Sunglasses: Burke's Outlet
Beaded Necklace: Gift from Mom
Earrings: Gift from Friend
Vintage top: Thrifted
Orange (P)leather Skirt: Dillards (clearance)
Shoes: DSW (clearance)

I won this pig at our town's Opry the night before in quite a round about way.  The winning ticket belonged to friends who were leaving early, so they gave it (and two more) to another friend.  That friend then passed them to another friend along with his ticket.  The friend he passed the tickets to had to serve food during intermission (we work the concession), so she gave the tickets to me to hold as the numbers were called out.  The very last numbers called were for this pig, and it got to come home with me!  Can you tell how much my boys love it?  Added bonus, it goes great with my Pink Pig watering can. :o)

I wore this to the church my son goes to school at, for a program he was part of.  After that, we drove to our church so I could participate in practice (I sing with the church band).  Hubby told me later that it was a good thing I wasn't on stage Sunday morning, as the next time I wear this skirt I will need my trusty sport shorts under it.  I never thought about the height of the stage giving the audience a better view of my legs. :o)

Have you ever worn something completely unaware you were giving the world an eye full?


PS: Opie, my almost 8 year old took most of these pictures.  (Hubby took the close up with me wearing the sunglasses.)  He wanted me to snap this picture of him. :o)


  1. Lovely top and your sunnies are amazing JJ! Love them! Hey that cute son of yours is adorable. Nope I haven't, at least I can't remember anything. Loved the story.

    1. You're lucky then Lenya, I'm sure I've done it a number of times. :o)

  2. Haha, I try to always wear shorts under my dresses ever since I was walking down the street and the wind blew my skirt up literally over my stomach - SO EMBARRASSING. Love this look though, and that pig :)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. Oh I feel ya completely, my dress was once blown over my HEAD, even long dresses are dangerous! :o)

  3. such a pretty color combo! That printed top is so bright and colorful on you :)
    Nikki at

    1. Thank you Nikki, it's a top that if feel is really "me". :o)


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