Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Whole Lota...

Hat: Vintage
Beaded Collar: Vintage
Multi-colored bead necklace: Made by my Sister
Yellow stretch bracelets: Burk's Outlet
Fabric Cuff: DIY
Corsages: Made by my Son (for past Mother's Days)
Orange Calf Hair belt: Antique Shop
Zebra Blouse: Bealls
Dress: Ross
Bramin Purse: Gift from Hubby
Heels: Vintage

...Hair.  I had fun teasing my hair bigger than ever!  Hubby said, "Your hair looks pretty...BIG, but pretty!" :o)

...Color.   I haven't been reaching for this dress due to its lack of color.  Well I sure tipped the scales to the opposite of blah after adding ALL my accessories. :o)

...Collars.  I have triple collars going on in this outfit!

...Fun.  How can you not have fun all dressed up in beautiful colors?  This was my Mother's Day outfit (better late than never on posting, right?).   I was a little disappointed I couldn't find the third corsage my Son had made for me.  Oh well, two corsages are better than one, I mean none. :o)



  1. That's a fantastic hat!!

    1. Thanks, it just might be my favorite one. :o)


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