Monday, December 3, 2012

Rushing Around in Red Tights

Red Beads: Great Grandmother
Beaded Collar: Vintage
Belt: Thrifted
Red Tights: ?
Boots: Old

I had to get dressed fairly quick, we slept in a little later than we should've.  Probably due to seeing Rise of the Guardians last night.  We went to a later showing so the baby could sleep through the movie and not disturb anyone.  Even when when we go to "kids" movies, I'd rather not have a crying baby (mine or other's) making it hard to hear.  Amazingly, the only thing I forgot in my rush to get dressed was to put on my earrings.  When we run late, I tend to feel like I've walked out the door half naked, and always ask Hubby if I'm decent. :o) 

On another note, I found out that I can only wear my red tights with boots now, as said boots have been chewing on 'em.  I told Hubby that I "need" a second pair of red tights to wear with regular shoes now!  As an added "sign" I saw a fancier pair on Heathering Heights that would be a great option for the second pair!


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  1. oooh this is so lovely! i adore both the dress and the western style boots! i have a thing for western style lately;) and the red tights are the icing on the cake;)

  2. Thank you soooooooooo much for linking with Share- in Style.
    You look soooooooooooo wonderful.
    I love and want your dress and your boots,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL
    Next Share-in-Style will be November the 1st-Topic- Orange/ or Halloween. I will be counting on you.

    1. Orange! My Faaaaavorite color!!! Oh I'll be there Sacramento. :o)

  3. Sweetie you are too cute. Love your outfit and especially your boots!!!!

  4. Love the dress, love the boots, love the smile. I have to join in with you ladies one day soon.

    1. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We look forward to seeing you of course!


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