Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dressed up in Pajamas

Hat: Hubby's
Necklace: DIY
Jacket: Thrifted
T-Shirt: Target
PJ Pants: Gift from Mom
Owl Slippers: Gift from Son

After being awake a big part of the night with the baby, I chose to wear my PJs all day.  However; I didn't want to look frumpy so I wore a soft fitted tshirt and pom-pom necklace.  I took the boys for a walk dressed like this. :o)  I have "dressed up" my pajamas before to spend the evening at my parents, so this was nothing new for me.



  1. Great idea! I love the angle of the pictures too! Hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. Haha, Thanks. (I got a little more sleep last night)

  3. You definitely dress pajamas up like no one I've ever seen. I should take heed ~ lol. But what I really like and WANT are those owl slippers!!!

  4. Oh dear...the Owl slippers have gone on to that great nest in the sky. I wore 'em flat out! :o( I'm wearing through panda bear ones now. :o)


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