Monday, April 16, 2012


Gold Hoops: Gift from Hubby
Orange Bramin Purse: Gift from Hubby
Belt: Thrifted
Green Tank Top: Target
White Tuxedo Blouse: Handed down from a Friend
Lime Pants: Handed down from a Friend, overdyed
Orange Suede Wedges: Marshall's

These pants were Khaki color, I'm not a big fan of wearing Khaki pants.  I might've worn them once.  I wanted to dye them yellow, but couldn't get the Khaki color out of them (I tried 3 times)!  I knew the Khaki and Yellow would make a green color, so I decided that was better nothing...into the dye they went.  They came out a great Lime color that has been fun to wear.  I still want a yellow pair of pants, but I'll just wait 'til after the baby's born.


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