Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Hat: DIY
Sunnies: Marshall's
Gold Hoops: Gift from Hubby
Nautical Scarf: DIY
Knot Necklace and Bracelet: Gift from Mom
Tassel Necklace: Vintage
Orange Jade Bracelet: Vendor Booth at a Festival
Yellow Bracelet: ?
Copper Ring: Hubby's Grandfather
Orange Suede Purse: Vintage
Red Snakeskin belt: Thrifted
Yellow Rope Belt: Thrifted
Dress: TJMaxx
Lace Tights: Target, overdyed
Orange Suede Wedges: Marshall's

Shirt: Target

Hat, Shirt, Socks, Shoes: Target
Sailboat Shorts: DIY
Cross Necklace: Borrowed from Dad :o)

The original Easter Hat I bought for this year looked TERRIBLE with my dress!  So I grabbed a plain brown floppy straw hat I bought at Target for $2 last year.  After some yellow spray paint, some folding and stitching, some hot glue and rope embellishments (that I made from cord in my sewing stash) it was ready for Easter.  It may be my favorite Easter hat yet! :o)
I saw a Nautical Scarf from Anthropology (sold out online and too expensive anyways) that I just LOVED!  So when I was at JoAnn's Fabrics and ran across Sailboat fabric in the clearance section, I snatched it up and made my own version!
My Sons shorts are what started the whole Nautical Theme for this year's Easter outfits.  I found that sailboat fabric at JoAnn's last year (on clearance).
I needed tights due to the preggy belly pulling my dress shorter than my comfort level.  I bought a light pair of grey lace tight from Target...they looked sickening on my legs!  I threw them in some black dye until they turned a charcoal color...much better!
FYI, the name of the color of my shoes just happened to be "Lobster"!  It was meant to be! :o)  I was shocked at how closely me Vintage purse and Brand New shoes matched...Happy accident, Woohoo!
I had my sister use my Easter Inspiration photo on my thumbnail when she did my nails.  I simply shrank and printed out the photo from my Pinterest Board, then cut a nail shaped piece.  She layered it under the Shelac Nail Polish.  I had found an inspiration photo 'cause the rest of my family kept asking what colors would be "Nautical" beside Red and Navy blue.  The photo was of painted wooden bobbers handing on a wall.

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear


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