Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Happenings

In spite of being the shortest month, February has been jam packed full of fun!  As much as I would love to have perfect, professional photos to share with you, I don't.  I do have evidence through phone pics though!  If I wait on the perfect photos, there will never be another post.  This is real life after all, so this is me being real.  Hope you enjoy a raw organic taste of me! :o)

I colored my bangs a lovely eggplant-y purple.  I REALLY love it, waaaaay more than I even thought I would!

A casual, leading up to Valentines look.  The tee is Blue Bell! :o)  The skirt is one of my Grandmother's, it's silk and designer, and I might be wearing it backwards!!!  The back (front???) has the checks pleated out into stripes with snaps going down the middle.  There is no tag to clue me in on what is the front, and the horizontal stripes actually looked better across my butt vs my tummy.

I refashioned a romantic tee as a gift for my older sister.  I wish I had a picture of her wearing it, but that's on her phone, not mine.  Grrr!

Another casual, leading up to Valentines Day look.  Our weather has crazy mood swings, so yeah I went from short sleeves to layers and furry boots.  The cardigan was another Grandmother's, I only have a couple of things from her.  The stripe tunic is thrifted.  The velvet legging are Target clearance from last year.  The jellyfish earrings are a gift from my boys. :o)  The furry boots came from Amazon.

More flowers for yet another leading up to Valentine's Day outfit.  I wore this to my little niece's 2nd birthday party, then shopping after.  I just thrifted the silk 90's bomber cardigan.  The striped shirt is Target clearance.  The hat is vintage from a flea market.  The furry coat is thrifted vintage, I love how the suede side panels reduce bulkiness.  My jeans are actually gold.  My boots are a Christmas gift from Hubby.

I refashioned a plain pair of sweats into snazzy joggers for my oldest.  He loves the double pocket, too bad you can't see the details.  The youngest is still waiting on a pair...probably won't happen until next Winter! :o)

I made a new tee out of cute bird fabric that I bought for myself LAST Spring.  Took me long enough!  I made up for the delay by wearing it three days in a row, styled different each day of course!

I quilted a heart earring for my little sister.  She has two piercings on one ear, and three on the other, and doesn't wear matching earrings.  So yeah, just the one was made. :o)  I really love this picture of her!

So then we finally got to celebrate Valentine's Day!  I wore this gorgeous, silk, Chanel, jumpsuit of my Grandmother's, complete with matching scarf on my head.  I had a closeup of the print, but my phone ate it!

A blurry pic of the happy sweethearts. :o)

And a nice clear pic of the 1930s Jade ring Hubby gave me for Valentine's!  I squealed when I opened the box!!!

So there you are, a very imperfect blog post.  Which is pretty perfect for imperfect me. :o)


  1. The jumpsuit! Fab U lous!


    1. Thanks Suzanne, it certainly makes me feel that way!! :o)

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  3. I echo the comment above!! The jumpsuit is amazing!! All the outfits are, actually. Please post more--I <3 your blog!

    1. Thank you Alyssa...I finally got around to posting again. :o)


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