Thursday, June 11, 2015

What I Wore in May: Part 3

Pearls and Opals: Gifts from Hubby
Pink Pearl Bracelet: Gift from a Friend
Paris Tee: Ross
Skirt: Self Made
Zebra Wedges: Dillard's (clearance)

In the middle of our wedding preparations for my sister, we got to take a break and attend my cousin's wedding.  I have had this fabric waiting to be made into a skirt since January.  I was determined to find time to sew it up and wear to their wedding, so on the evening before I started sewing furiously!  I finished at 2am with a little bit of hand stitching to do on the waistband in the car.  We had a 4 hour drive, so I used that to my advantage. :o)



  1. ohh I love this skirt! Those little lip buttons are too cute! I'm in the middle of making wedding plans for my own wedding, it's defiantly stressful lol But I bought a vintage dress off Etsy, glad I don't have to sew anything for it ;)

    1. Oooh I love all the vintage dresses on Etsy!!!

  2. You've got such mad skills my friend...that skirt is beautiful! And you know I love it paired with a graphic tee. :)

    1. I liked it even better with the tee than when I dressed it up with a black lace top for the wedding! :o)


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