Monday, March 16, 2015

Green Bangs and Double Bright Florals

Opal Butterfly Necklace: New Mexico
Opal Ring: Gift from Hubby
Earrings: Gift from Dad from The Czech Republic
Kimono Top: Refashioned
Black Top: Old, old, old :o)
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Local
Blue Leather Flats: DSW (clearance)

So...I colored my bangs Green.  Why?  Well, I'll tell you...I'm testing it out before my sister's wedding.  My dress is light Green and Blue, so we thought Emerald Green bangs might look nice with it.  The wedding will have a fun, funky vintage vibe.  My sister's hair is always a rainbow of beautiful colors.  I'm the Matron of Honor, so I wanted to match the Bride more.  If we decide we don't like it, I will do my usual bright Red.  So far though...we like it! :o)

I refashioned this kimono top from a tunic my Sister-in-Law thrifted for me.  She new I'd LOVE the colors (and I really, really do!) and would make it into something fun if it didn't fit as it was.  Well, it was too tight across the chest, so I got to chopping.  I cut straight up the front, then added trim aaaalllll around.  The trim was a super long thin scarf gifted to me by a friend.  So hmm, this top was quite free. :o)  To wear with my skirt, I tied it in a knot and tucked the long back under.  I have a "before" to show you below, but I didn't take a picture of it worn loose.  Sorry!

I was so excited to discover all the same colors in my top and skirt.  One just has Green as the dominate color, the other Blue.

BTW, I think I'm getting better at the jumping off of things shot. :o)  This one was from higher up and it totally "got" my tummy!


The Before: (I had already started cutting up the front when I remembered to snap a pic)

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  1. You are seriously so talented with a sewing machine!

  2. I love the bangs and the refashion and your black flats. Refashioning is always in my heart although I don't do it often!

    1. Thank you Kelly! I think I enjoy sewing refashions almost more than "made from scratch".

  3. Totally loving this look, JJ. You have done a fabulous job on the kimono. I like your green bangs.

  4. Great look doll! I am loving this long skirt, looks stunning on you :) x


  5. ahh, I thought maybe it was for St. Patrick's day! The lace you added to the tunic top is brilliant and really makes it so much more fun. Thanks for showing the before shot too. I luv you jump shot, you look so courageous and strong.

    1. My favorite thing in the jump shot is my little guy looking up at me like, "Is she going to make it?". :o)


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