Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wearing Old and Older

Butterfly Earrings and Multi-strand Bracelet: Gifts from Hubby
Brooch and Blazer: Thrifted
Watch: Hubby's watch sized down
Dress: Macy's (clearance)
Navy Suede Heels: Gift from Mom

80s Blazer, meet 2013's Dress.  Wait, are you sure you've never met before?  You two are hitting it off like old friends!

I was pretty surprised how perfectly the Teal in the dress and blazer matched!  It might have went to my head a bit. :o)

I used the same trick as last time (Here) of layering a skirt under the dress to give it a smidge more length.  I even used houndstooth again.  How weird that I have two skirts in the same print and colors!  Usually I don't buy clothes very similar like that, but they have very different shapes so both keep passing my closet purges.  One is a pencil skirt (Here), the other is flippy (Here).


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  1. What a great dress! And I know I've said it before but I must say it again, I LOVE your hair!!

    1. Thanks Hollie, I'm really enjoying my hair this length. A quick flip of the ends and I'm ready. :o)

  2. OH I love it, JJ. I really really looooove it. This is by far my absolute favorite!

  3. JJ! hi! So nice to hear from you and see this fun post. I have never done that but I am so tempted to, especially seeing your celebration and fun! That color of blue looks awesome on you. Did you change your hair? It has been FOREVER since I have seen you { well, 3 months } lol ♥, Renae

    1. Hi Renae, Welcome back!!! My hair is ever changing as I grow it out. When it gets long enough I am going to chop it off short again to donate to Locks of Love. :o) I couldn't donate last time 'cause I had dyed my hair, this time I'm keeping the color to my bangs only.

  4. What a great mix of fabrics, colors, prints, styles and items. They all look really great together on you. I especially love the bit of skirt coming out from under the dress. Well, all of it looks wonderful together. Good job!


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