Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hawaiian Balloon

Orange Czech Glass Earrings: DIY
Multi Color Beads: Burk's Outlet
Orange Watch: Gift from Brother
Woven beads worn as bracelet: Made by Sister
Dark Blue Czech Glass Beads: DIY
Butterfly Ring: Gift from Hubby
Dress: JCPenny's (Clearance)

I've had lots of compliments and comments when wearing this dress...Mostly I hear that it's pretty.  I wore it to a doctor visit and she said I looked like a pretty Hippie.  At church a friend said I looked like a Hawaiian Balloon (especially when I walked swaying side to side, hehe).  A visitor at church didn't realize I was pregnant until I turned to the side...I was hoping the print would have a camouflaging effect for wearing while I still have baby weight after the baby is born!  It seems that hope might come true. :o)


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