Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Heart Headband: DIY
Gold Hoops and Watch: Gifts from Hubby
Necklace: Vintage
Bracelet: Gift from Hubby and Son
Grey Animal Print Sport Bra (worn as a cami): Ross
Top: Walmart (Tea dyed and embellished by me)
Hot Pink Pencil Skirt: Target (Clearance)
Leather Bow Flip-Flops: DSW

Today we had Mother's Day Tea at my Son's school.  He was wearing a Black Suit Jacket and Green Stripped Tie, but by the time we got home those were off. :o)  He took the time to pick out and try on his outfit yesterday and had it all laid out.  I'm pretty sure this was due to me trying on my outfit yesterday to find a top I liked with the new skirt.  I didn't get a close up, but the bracelet I'm wearing was a gift a couple years ago from my Guys.  It is an "Xs" and "Os" tennis style bracelet, but the "Os" are Hearts instead and the Hearts also spell "Mom" all around.  The skirt and top are NOT Maternity wear, so I will be happy to keep them in my wardrobe even after baby arrives.  Something in me flat out rebels at wearing Maternity clothes when I'm no longer pregnant.  Last time I wore Hubby's button down shirts for a couple days with stretchy pants until I could get out and buy some clothes.  This time I have "bigger sized" clothes that I saved along with my Maternity stuff, and I have mostly bought things that are regular wear with stretch to accommodate the belly and fit while I get back to normal size.  This pencil skirt is stretchy and I will most likely take it in as I lose the baby weight.

I must mention, the top photo was taken by my Son, the one of both of us was done with the timer.


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